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Creating Content is Wasting Your Time

Unless you have a clear PLAN

It's time to STOP feeling overwhelmed and START creating content that matters. 

You have a powerful message that people need to hear.

But you struggle with...

  • Consistency (You are SUPER busy. Where do you find the time?)

  • Lack of direction (There are SO many things you could do, how do you pick?)

  • Self- Doubt ( Let's be real, putting yourself 'out there' online takes courage.)

(It’s not your fault)

In the busy world of social media and content marketing, we’ve been told that we have to simply throw out content and we will grow our businesses and brands. But that doesn’t work.

The Solution? You need a plan.

You need to start small, build a system, and then expand.

In the Content Lab we teach a simple 5-step system that will help you clarify your goals, relieve STRESS, and most importantly help you CONNECT on a deeper, more meaningful level with those you are desperate to reach.

Content isn’t just about content. 

It’s about making a meaningful impact in this world through intentional communication. 

5- Step System

We don't JUST teach content STRATEGY we teach a content PHILOSOPHY. If you are doing a bunch of things without knowing WHY you are doing them, your efforts are wasted. Instead of teaching content marketing as a one way street we share an evolving 5-step process that helps relieve the stress of "getting it right the first time" and helps clarify your message through action.
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Expert Workshops

Each month we explore a different theme related to content marketing. We have industry leaders come in and teach us how they have used online content to build massive brands, grow their businesses, and make an impact.
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You will receive monthly group calls to help you stay accountable and give you an opportunity to receive feedback from other mission-driven content creators. We will hold you accountable through the process of creating MEANINGFUL and CONSISTENT online content.
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In the Lab

  • Templates

    Save HOURS by using our copy/paste templates and made for you content calendars and organizational spreadsheets.

  • Monthly Hot Seats

    Have the opportunity to dive in deep with your content marketing strategy with Heather and others in the lab.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Connect with other members throughout the week and ask questions and share recourses between calls.

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Just a little about Heather

To say creating online content has CHANGED my life is an understatement. Not only has it connected me with people from ALL over the world but it has helped me to grow two successful businesses. When your content is CONSISTENT and INTENTIONAL there truly is no limit to what you can create. You have the ability to not only grow your business but also you can make an IMPACT through your story and your message. Cannot wait to see you inside the lab!
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“The content lab is AWESOME! From elucidating the finer points of workflow to the valuable observations and advice in mastermind calls to intangibles like her INCREDIBLE energy, spirit, and inspiration, Heather has turned my work process on it's head.. ”

Bernard Balizet

“It's been amazing! This is the most consistent I've been, ever. I think I'll always be the procrastinator but now I'm following through.”

Rachael Brown

“Heather managed to create a piece of art with the Content Lab. Being a part of this course gives you a great opportunity to network with other members and exchange knowledge.”

Aleks Dorohin