Thurs, April 2nd, 11:00 EST

*Replay will be available*

Environment shift is for those who find themselves in transition. Weather you just changed jobs, or started working from home, things in your life may have changed. Now it's time for you to recalibrate and adapt to a new landscape, automate your environment for success, and employ the tools that will accelerate your productivity.

Steven Zavertnik

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Steven Zavertnik is a Certified High Performance Coach. He serves passionate, driven leaders aspiring to reach the next level of success in their lives. His mission is to inspire and influence others to strive in pursuit of their true potential, and thrive living in congruence with their ideal self, feeling joy and fulfillment everyday.

Topics Covered

  • Recalibrate - How to adapt when your world changes.

  • Environment - Do the work to automate your success.

  • Action - Use the tools to accelerate your productivity.