About Podcasting Together

Whether you are just starting off or you have been podcasting for quite sometime, Podcasting Together is an intimate mastermind designed for hosts who want to make a greater impact through their work.
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Launch Your Show

For Beginners...

Follow our four-week system which includes a step-by-step process to launch your show in four weeks. Join our group calls with questions and receive VALUABLE feedback and support! On launch day we will throw a party in our Facebook group and help support you!
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Grow Your Show

For Existing Hosts...

Join our Monthly GROWTH calls where we help brain storm ideas on how you can not only grow your audience but connect better with your listeners. We also have monthly challenges that we do together!
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About Podcasting Together

Each Month...

  • Two Monthly Group Calls. Connect over zoom with other show hosts to brain storm in an intimate setting about your show. Calls are recorded so you can catch the replays if you miss a call.

  • FOR LAUNCH: 4-Week Launch Plan. Step by step plan on how to launch your show in four weeks. Follow our video tutorials and join our group calls if you have questions!

  • FOR GROWTH: Expert Workshops. We will host workshops on different topics related to show growth and how to build a better connection with your audience.

  • Private Facebook Group. Connect throughout the month in our private Facebook group. Also this will be a place to share resources/templates/collab opportunities with one another.

“I have wanted to start my podcast for years, and after starting the mastermind, I had it up and running! What!!! Heather provides so much great information and resources, and the best cheerleader and motivator ever. I cannot recommend this mastermind group enough.”

“If you are on the fence, do it. As part of Heather Parady’s July group, I can she will guide you to share your voice. If you have an idea, a message or anything you want to get out there, this is for you! ”

“I went from knowing zero about podcasting (except how to listen to them) and will be launching an entire season within 6 weeks of starting with Heather. If that doesn’t show you what’s possible, I don’t know what does!”

“She has Clear Vision, precise execution, mentoring and guiding step by step and implementing production of a new podcast in less than 3 weeks.”

“Heather is brilliant at hosting masterminds. She puts so much time, effort, and care into them. The value I’ve gotten from her masterminds has been life-changing. Heather excels at connecting people and helping them focus on worthy goals.”

“I’m so thankful to have Heather and her team by my side. They always go the extra mile and that is a rare find Their work gives life to your voice.”